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BigPond Movies - Search Tools

Telstra has a substantial movie collection available for on-demand viewing but NO effective means to search the library.   IMHO this is a substantial impediment to using BigPond Movies.


Sure - I can get a list (with no discernable basis for the way its ordered) of movies by Genre.    And Yes, I can search for movies by Keyword, say "Transformers".


But why oh why can't I do useful things like ask for a listing of movies that fulfil reasonable criteria, such as might suit my kid's viewing requirements, viz:

Genre = Adventure/Action

Rating = G or PG

and then ask for the list to be ordered in some useful way - eg. by release date, or alphabetically or by declining critic or public score, etc.


This should of course be extremely easy to implement and deliver to users via the website.  They then go to their device (where they'll watch - for me, a TV/DVR), locate the movie by title and order it then and there.   In time, simiilar searching can be supported on the smart TV devices (since it mostly only requires ticking boxes).


I believe many users - like me - just abandon bigpond movies or give up in frustration as they fail to find soemthing to watch (due to lack of search capabity, not due to lack of available movies).


If anyone at Telstra is listening, I'd be most interested to understand why you've not delivered a useful search function and what you think about doing so!



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: BigPond Movies - Search Tools

Thanks for this feedback about BigPond Movies Rau. I will pass this on so we can look into a search feature for movies. Thanks for suggesting this Smiley Happy 



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