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Can't watch a paid for movie on my laptop

I recently paid for a new release on Telstra TV box office $19.99 HD. It won't play !!!! The message says "this video is not playable on this player".

WHAT !!!

This happened to me last week as well. I hired Infinity Avengers for $6.99. Couldn't play this one on my android laptop but was lucky to be home at the time so could watch it on the smart TV.

Now I am away working remote and want to watch something and I can't yet telstra took my money. If people can't watch a movie on their laptops there should be warnings attached before purchase. WTH !!! Now I have to muck around trying to get my money back.

I'm away from a smart TV for three months this time


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Can't watch a paid for movie on my laptop

Is it an Android Laptop or a Chrome Laptop (Chromebook)?
If it is an Android Laptop, did you download and install the Telstra TV Box Office App?
If it didn't work on the same device last week, why did you assume that it would work correctly this week?
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