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Change network name on Telstra TV

How do I change the network name of a Telstra TV?

I have seen many incorrect replies to this that point to the "Manage my Telstra TV" page but that dose not change the network name

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Re: Change network name on Telstra TV

Do you mean the name assigned to the device in a network device table? associated with the MAC address?


That scenario is more to do with whether the router/DHCP server, network monitor/sniffer app  is capable of..


If that isn't what you are trying do, can you explain in a bit more detail please

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Re: Change network name on Telstra TV

You can't change the Network name. If you have the Technicolor version of the modem you can change the devices name on modem's home page but that only effects name displayed in modem's GUI. Apps that scan the network will still list the TV with its generic name. Changing the name in "Manage my Telstra TV" only changes the name of the TV displayed in the google home app.

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