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Feedback: Extra buttons on TV-2 remote

Just providing some user experience with Telstra TV 2. It appears to be a significant improvement over TV-1, with noticeably less lag. However, not a fan of the extra buttons you've added to the bottom of the remote (e.g. Netflix). I understand why you've added them, but they're causing two issues:

1) The reverse, play and fast forward buttons are on the bottom row on the TV-1. This makes them real easy to find by touch. This is very handy when watching at night, or if you're an old git like me, working the remote without reaching for the reading glasses. But with the TV-2 remote, it's necessary to feel bottom row, count up two rows, and then access the reverse, play and forward buttons.

2) Also, whilst I'm doing the above, it's way too easy to press one of the dedicated buttons. For example, accidentally pressing the Netflix button instantly transports me from the show I'm watching straight into Netflix. And the journey back via Home, Apps, (sometimes Search) is a real pain.

I know the above may seem minor, but one of the things I love about the TV-1 (Roku) remote is how easy it is to touch-navigate with one hand. Just a thought for TV-2 MKII, or TV-3.

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Support Team

Re: Feedback: Extra buttons on TV-2 remote

Hi @entity Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out and share your thoughts and feedback Smiley Happy It's always appreciated. 

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