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Foxtel Now on Telstra TV Box

I have Foxtel from Telstra. I want to subscribe to Foxtel Now to try on Telstra TV Box. I have been led all over the place, had sms messages sent to me to action trial period, tried my usual and created passwords to login to "Now", received obscure responses that only Foxtel Now users can access, come on, I want to hand over $$$$$$. what is wrong? It is coming to the time that streaming services might be my go. I have just cancelled KAYO, a great streaming service from Foxtel side until no more live sport for obvious reasons. I have had Foxtel from Telstra for near 20 years, still have the original IQ box. I'm a pensioner and I have asked at intervals for an upgraded box to receive at least HD, each time without option it was going to cost me to do change-over even by myself plus have to pay extra for the privilege of HD channels. This carrier, now called Telstra, the mob that used to be a Government owned and operated the communications department called The PMG, covering both telephone and postage has disappointed me in recent times. I understood the privatisation and the deregulation of the telecommunications industry I worked in this industry with the PMG and then Telecom Australia for 22 years. OK, I have got that off my chest. I have chopped and changed my packages over the years, kept basic with entertainment, had drama, sports, etc. One thing I didn't notice until a little while ago was a fee...…………….. Foxtel IQ Service Fee...……….. $10.00

What is that for? and how long have I been paying for this with a Set Top Box I will never own? I trust you now see I am not a happy customer. I am totally crapped off with the regular special deals on offer for new customers that I cannot have access to. My dish is already on the roof, the cables are at back of my ancient set top box, yet you will give new clients free installation with no hardware on site.


I want a positive reply in my favour to my speel or will say good bye to Telstra for my NBN, Landline,Mobile, PYG Mobile, Mobile WiFi hotspot and Foxtel and you can say goodbye to my average $250 a month

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Foxtel Now on Telstra TV Box

Ok. The rambling made it a bit difficult to figure out what you want, but I'll try to answer.


You need to use a different email address for Foxtel Now than the one you use for Foxtel.


Foxtel's system isn't smart enough to be able to cope with more than one subscription per email address.


As far as upgrades go, you get charged whatever Foxtel dictates what the charge is.  Telstra have very little scope to change that.


The $10 fee is an ancient fee from early build your own packages that doesn't exist in current package offerings. It was charged on the primary connection.

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