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How to stop Live TV going to standby/screensaver?

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I like being able to have the TV as background noise while I’m doing things around the house or I’m home alone, I also like to to leave the TV on when I’m not home so it appears there’s activity in the house. 

But the Telstra TV is automatically going to standby/screensaver mode after a few hours, and I can’t find a setting to stop it from doing this. I tried the Parental control trick in another post but that didn’t work. 

Is there a setting I’m missing?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: How to stop Live TV going to standby/screensaver?

No. There is no setting. It will go into standby mode after 4 hours without input from the remote.

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Re: How to stop Live TV going to standby/screensaver?

This has been annoying me too. There's a setting in the system/power section, but even with it disabled it still keeps doing it, but I just discovered today that there's another setting under "network" called "bandwidth saver" which does basically the same thing if the remote hasn't been touched in 4 hours if streaming.


It's given me messages before with a 'X' next to antenna, and a tick next to internet connection, so I wonder if sometimes when you think you're watching live TV but it's actually streaming, or at least thinks it is?

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