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How to Stream Video from PC to Telstra TV

My experience is that this does work. Try this:

Download and install Video Converter Ultimate from Wondershare on the PC.

For Windows 10, go to Settings - Media streaming options - Choose Media programs on this PC and remote connections...

Allow access default settings.

Enable the Roku Media Player on "Telstra TV".



If you have an "Apple TV" ,  Turn On Home Sharing in iTunes.


This should work!!

Does anyone have something to add?


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Re: How to Stream Video from PC to Telstra TV

Or just use Miracast if your device supports it then you can mirror whats on your mobile to the Telstra TV


Or if you are on Windows 7 or higher right click on the file you want to view on the Roku and press Play to or Cast to on Windows 10 and select the Telstra TV

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Re: How to Stream Video from PC to Telstra TV

The "TELSTRA TV" User  Guide is not helpful.


All it says is: Cast from your devices


  • Some Apps offer you to cast video from your mobile devices to your Telstra TV.

*Aplies to select IOS, Android and Windows devices only.


Surely, there should be more information provided !!

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Re: How to Stream Video from PC to Telstra TV

This would be to do with comparable apps on those mobile devices, ie. it would be dependant on what features the mobile app has in regard to casting to it's companion app on the Telstra TV and/or miracast.


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Re: How to Stream Video from PC to Telstra TV

I use the Roku media streaming app, which is already loaded on the Telstra TV.


However there were a few things to check off before it would work seamlessly.


First you have to login to your Router via PC, using the login details on the bottom of your modem.


Once logged in click the content sharing tab at the top of the screen. 


Next check that Enable  DLNA server is turned on.


Next i had to click on the advanced settings tab. 


Followed by Gateway Settings.


Click the DHCP tab at the top. DHCP should be already turned on.


Scroll to the bottom and click add reserved address.


Search the device name via the drop down menu, hit apply when you find the device you are looking for. Hopefully the device name is known to you otherwise it will display a bunch of random letters and numbers. Very important you add your PC or device where the videos etc are stored!


Once you have added all the devices you want to stream on it should be a case of resetting your modem/router, going into the telstra tv, opening roku media player, select videos and watch away.





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