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IQ to Telstra TV

Hi guys,


I currently have an IQ2 with Entertainment, Sports and Movie packages. I am considering moving to a Telstra Tv box, primarily to add Netflix. I want to keep my Foxtel channels as well though.


Can I assume that I can switch my existing Foxtel Packages across to Foxtel Now and get the same channels? Are there any differences between the channels on the same Foxtel vs Foxtel Now package? I understand that the FTA channels on the IQ are not present in Foxtel Now - correct?


I just want to get this right.





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: IQ to Telstra TV

FTA is not available on Foxtel Now.


Foxtel Now is more prone to outages, especially when popular programs are on.


The quality of the picture and sound that you get on Foxtel Now will be dependant on the speed of your internet connection.


I can't comment on the availability of all channels as I do not have regular Foxtel.


Odds are that you will be disappointed if you migrate across to Foxtel Now. There is a while to go before it could be considered a mature product offering.

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