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Is the Telstra TV website down?

Hi All,


I'm trying to access the website tv.telstra.com.au, I can log in but I only see the page for a moment before a logout occurs and I get spat out back to http://media.telstra.com.au/home.html I've checked that the username and password are correct, and they are.  I'm trying to validate my Stan trial but it's going nowhere.....


This happens on my phone and tablet using Chrome and home computer using both Edge and Chrome. Antivirus is up to date and scanned within the last day. No other websites exhibit this issue.


NB, I can log in fine to the Telstra website......


Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Is the Telstra TV website down?

Hi MattnLoz, 


If you log into your My Account here:  http://tel.st/cpyn and on the bottom right click on the 'Telstra TV' then 'Manage my Telstra TV' does that load a new page with all the offers? 

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