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Lack of Captions for most Big Pond movies is a disgrace.

My husband is severely hearing impaired and needs captions to watch TV. Recently we dug out our Telstra TV unit and I set it up for the first time, hoping it would give us an alternative to the dreary “bachelorette survivor in the kitchen” that’s currently flooding free to air TV.


Oh good, here’s some new movies on Big Pond, we thought. Let’s watch one...so we choose Mission Impossible: Fallout.

What a disappointment to find (after we paid for it) that there were no captions available! Okay, action movies are not usually ‘dialogue driven’ but you do need to be able to hear some of what is said. It spoiled my husband’s enjoyment and therefore mine.

I had set up the box with captions set to ‘Always On’ but only afterwards did I find out about the lack of captioning to the majority of movies offered. This is a disgrace when new DVDs always come with subtitles available.

I discovered that by putting ‘OC’ in the search box (for those who might want to know) it will bring up a list of all the open caption movies available on Big Pond. And what a pathetically small list that is.


I’m going back to buying movies on DVD now. At least we can watch them even when our broadband is offline as it was all Christmas Eve. “Thanks” Telstra....not!

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