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Live TV pixelating and unable to watch

Have 3 x Telstra TV and all are pixelating on the live TV. Mainly channel 10. If i plug TV direct to aerial there is no problems with the reception. Have reset thr Telstra TV and no change. Streaming works fine but live tv is broken

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Re: Live TV pixelating and unable to watch

Have you rescanned the terrestrial free to air channels?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Live TV pixelating and unable to watch

Pixelmator indicates a poor signal. It could be the Telstra TV receiver is not as good as the one on the TV. Are you plugging the TV into the same Arial socket as the TV? If your using a different Antenna or socket it could be the socket or antenna is faulty. If using a splitter for the Telstra TVs the received signal will be reduced by the number of sockets on the splitter. You might have to use a TV amplifier if uding a splitter.



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