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My TTV keeps losing the WiFi network after 5-10 minutes

TTV will work for a short period of time then freeze. After turning the WiFi on/off the TTV will reconnect and appears to work normally again before freezing again, forcing me to repeat the process again. I have tried soft and hard resets of both the NBN black box and the white Telstra Modem without success. My iPhone and laptop computers have no problem connecting to the WifFi and both continue to function normally while TTV seems to have no success seeing and/or connecting. Any ideas?

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Re: My TTV keeps losing the WiFi network after 5-10 minutes

5GHz DFS channels are currently disabled on TTV.

Are you able to reconfigure your Telstra Modem to use a non-DFS channel for 5GHz?

If this doesn't help, send me your TTV's serial number in a private message and I'll check the logs.

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Re: My TTV keeps losing the WiFi network after 5-10 minutes

As well as the possibility that your Wi-Fi is using a 5 GHz DFS channel, it might also be due to the loss of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi on the modem - so the TTV has to try the 5GHz band.  A Wi-Fi analyser app installed on you mobile, would allow you to check if both 2.4 & R GHz Wi-Fi bands are present.


Without an anaylser, you can log into the modem, go to the Wifi settings and disable 'Band Steering' (make sure to save the change) - this will result in two Wi-Fi bands being broadcast - the 2.4 one will have the usual Wi-Fi name (SSID) and the 5G will have a similar name but with -5G added. The passwords will stay the same. 


When you try to connect a device (which you will have to do for those devices that were previously on 5 GHz) you should see both those Wi-Fi network names, if you only see the -5G one, then the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi in the modem has failed..


Alternatively, you can connect the TTV with an ethernet cable..  🙂

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