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Plex for Roku onto Telstra TV

There is an app for Plex for Roku on the Roku Store... can we please get this added to the apps for the Telstra TV?

The only media player available on the TV box (Roku Media Player) tends to be a bit flaky, particularly as I have all of my movies stored on a NAS, not directly attached to the Telstra TV itself. The NAS has a Plex Server app which works brilliantly, as does the Plex Player app on the laptop and iPad.

If anyone has any alternative suggestions I'd appreciate some pointers to try.



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Level 4: Private Eye

Re: Plex for Roku onto Telstra TV

For anyone chasing Plex on Telstra TV I have just discovered it is now available as a genuine app that you can install!!!
I have just installed it on my Telstra TV1 and it works wonderfully.

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