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quick start for telstra tv

We have a DVD recorder player a old tape recorder player and a TV. Did not see a quick start in the telstra TV box.

I have installed the aerial cable from the wall plate to the Telstra TV . From the Telstra TV i have put a HDMI cable to the TV.There is a HDMI cable between the tv and the dvd unit.


Now the dvd unit will not record anything. Please help,


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: quick start for telstra tv

Have you used a Aerial TV splitter at the wall plate to provide an aerial feed to the DVD?


Aerial Wall plate -- Splitter ------------ Telstra TV

                                         I ------------ DVD



Or if you don't have a TV Aerial splitter 


Arial Wall plate------------- (Arial In) DVD (Arial Out)--------- Telstra TV



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