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Removing Youtube from Telstra TV

Hi All, Please please please can someone tell me how to remove Youtube from Telstra TV!!!  I know you can remove the App, but the 10y.o just puts it back on again!!!  I have tried getting a computer expert to block it on the modem, but it still gets through on Telstra TV.  Why would Telstra do such a stupid thing - it's great that you have to put a pin in for M rated movies, but stupid when the kids can what whatever they like on youtube without a pin!!!!!  Our family is in crisis with all this!  

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Re: Removing Youtube from Telstra TV

Unfortunately there is no way that I'm aware of to permanently delete an app from a Telstra TV unit that it comes pre-installed with.


The reason I can think of that Telstra would do such a thing is because of the huge number of support calls it would generate when someone accidentally deletes an app and can't get it back.


I hate to say this, but it is unfortunately not within the purview of an internet service provider to manage how your children utilise devices within your home - and it is unreasonable to expect them to be able to do so.

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Re: Removing Youtube from Telstra TV

Thanks Kalak for your reply - you have saved me endless trawling of the internet to find a solution...

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I agree that it would generate a huge number of support calls because of how popular it is.... I just think they should provide the option of a pin like they do with the M rated movies (you tube well and truly qualifies!!!), so, as the administrator (i.e. one who pays the bills) we can know when our children have access to youtube... Leaving them to watch a movie is one thing.... leaving them to watch youtube is whole different ball game :/

Thanks again Smiley Wink

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