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replacement telstra tv remote - SO MAD @ TELSTRA


We lost our telstra tv remote after only having it or a few weeks, used like once.

Its small and black and I knew it would get lost.

We have turned the house upside down....cant find it.

Accepted defeat, look online to order a new one.

Can not navigate through multiple fragmented websites, ring them up on the phone.

get this....told we dont sell them here, you have to see if they have them in the telstra shop.... maybe they have some lying around you can just have.




Cant use the stupid thing without it, and can't find one anywhere, told that if worst, can just buy a whole new set.




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Re: replacement telstra tv remote - SO MAD @ TELSTRA

You could just buy another Telstra TV just to get the remote Smiley Wink


Actually, have you checked that the Telstra Stores don't sell replacement ones?


There are also apps for smartphones that act as a remote, iOS and Android, I believe.


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Re: replacement telstra tv remote - SO MAD @ TELSTRA

Youre just as bad lol.

Buy a remote for $109 that is usually charged $20.

Telstra stores are not actually telstra, last time and every time o go in there they can't help... but I will be going in there reluctantly, and phones? seriously? that is the worst idea ever. Cos phones dont run enough apps already right.


Telstra blows. Always will. Always has.

I have a laundry list of problems i have had and still have with them.

Its pretty simple. If I call foxtel for a replacemnt remote which ive had to do many years ago, they send you one, and charge your account.

How hard is that?


Tesltra, and Telstra shop are two completely different businesses. How many times ive been told by one or the other they cant help me i have to contact the other... and on and on

so over it

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: replacement telstra tv remote - SO MAD @ TELSTRA

Hi @meangry,

Do you know if you were talking to our Telstra TV Support Team about that? The information I have here says:


  • Additional or replacement Telstra TV remote costs $20 (RRP) and is available in store or over the phone


So what you were told is pretty confusing.

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