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Roku Media Player - Setting up homegroup to show your media

This equally applies to the T-Box, but a number of people have asked me recently, all new to media streaming because they have bought a Telstra TV-Box.


I'm using Windows 10, here, but the method applies to Windows 7 and 8.1


Personally, I prefer to NOT use the homegroup, but heck it all works anyway.


On Windows 10, open "HomeGroup" in Control Panel, or search in the search and select "Homegroup"


On that page, select "Allow all devices......"




ON the next screen, either select "Allow All"  (best), or tick the boxes you want to stream to



Then select "Next" (bottom of that screen.


On the next screen, just take the defaults, or change what you want, and select Next (again)



On the next screen:



Simply select Finish, as you cannot enter the homegroup password into either the Telstra-TV or the T-Box, and you really don't need to.


It may take a while for the sharing to complete, in my case it took 1/2 hour for it to catch up for the photographs (we have over 69,000 photographs on one device).  So be patient.


The Roku Media player and T-Box will bring up a media source that will be the name of the PC and the USER who completed this step, so if you have more than one user on a PC, you will need to repeat this step for each user that wants to share THEIR media.


Happy streaming!



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Re: Roku Media Player - Setting up homegroup to show your media

This one will throw you i have tried the methord you so kindly  suggersted  five times and still the telstra tv box will not accet the videos it just tells me that there are no compatible videos to show now as suggested by someone else I even downloaded Handbrake , then encoded some of my video's to suit Roku and yet still nothing. all and any ideas will be greatfully received.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Roku Media Player - Setting up homegroup to show your media

Hi Boyntie, 


Which format is the file you're trying to play?

Have you tried putting the file on a USB device and plugging it directly into the Telstra TV, does it play or give the same message?

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