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Some Telstra TV Box Office feedback

I have not used my T-Box since getting it, in fact it was still in the original box Smiley Happy I only opened it and plugged it in as I can get the $110 credit.


So ok I will see what all the no fuss is about. Plugged in, attached to network and it is pretty much looks like any other TV/Movie online streaming app ...


I started to look at what is available so I can use the credit. But what I did realise is that the prices to buy (in particular) and rent are higher than I expected. Especially for a company like Telstra that would have massive buy/rent discounts.


Add to that I can get much of what is on the T Box Office on other TV subscription providers as much as I want per month cheaper than many of the buy price movies on the T Box Office.


Those movies I can't yet access as they are not released yet, I am happy to wait for.


Had the T Box Office have more affordable rent and buy options I might use it more, but after the $110 credit is gone I will put it back in its box never to be opened again.


Cheers for the credit though

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