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Telstra Box Office Bug

Every time I play a movie on the one and only TV (via a PC) I use for TBO, your stupid software thinks I'm changing devices, which I am not. Fine, I go along with this stupidity and now it is falsely complaining that I have changed devices too many times and is refusing to play the movie I paid for. Of course, the TV was good enough to take my money.  It's not good enough to deliver the movie I paid for.


It goes without saying that the cost will be deducted from any bill you send. No movie, no money!

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Re: Telstra Box Office Bug

I have exactly the same issue as above.

Telstra insists I have multiple devices, but I only have one; One device, one browser (Chrome). I have used up all of my accounts and now can't watch any movies. 

This happened in the past and eventually Telstra reset my accounts but now it's happened again and they're not answering my emails either.

When Boxoffice asked for a new device name, this time I named them all according to the date, device and browser I was using to provide some sort of history of this problem.

I also have the 1800502502 Telstra T Box Office number, but due to COVID-19 this service appears to be disabled. I also notice BrianCampbells post above is two weeks old and there doesn't appear to be an response from Telstra.

We are unable to watch any movies, even ones we BOUGHT through Telstra. So stupid. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!! Is there anybody still working at Telstra???


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