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Telstra Plus - My Offers: page doesn't load


I'm a silver member of Telstra Plus.

I've been trying to activate the $75 credit for Telstra TV Box Office.  I've read on another post to go to the My Offers page, and do it there.


Anyway, I go to my Telstra Plus landing page, scroll down until I get to the $75 credit offer, and there's a link with text saying "Activate your credit".  I click it, and then I get to a page which is loading for a while, before it says, "Sorry, Looks like something's gone wrong on our end!  We're working on the problem, please try again later."

Then I click on the "try again" words which takes me to the My Offers page (I think).  There's a box advertising the same offer with TTVBO, saying Rent up to 12 SD movies, on us.  Click on that, then get to a page where it says eligible with 5 services, and I have to pick one.  I pick my mobile number, and then it gets back to the "Sorry, Looks like something's gone wrong on our end!"


Has anybody else experienced this?  Not sure who to contact...

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Re: Telstra Plus - My Offers: page doesn't load

@bryanseow Seems to be an issue atm. I suspect if you try it again in 12-24 hours it should, hopefully, be working again? Looks like an account issue related.



Someone keeps putting vegetables in my beer crisper :-(

Footnote: I don't work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Plus - My Offers: page doesn't load

Hi @bryanseow


Just checking back in to see how you went and if you need any further help or support?

- Stef

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