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Telstra TV 3 - Remote issues

Hi, we have 2 Telstra tv 3 boxes with the new remotes and we are finding the batteries need changing nearly every week. Is this a fault? We are using good batteries as well, and have tried different brands

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Support Team

Re: Telstra TV 3 - Remote issues

Hi there.


This does sound kind of odd, have the different batteries you've tried all been the same type? As in, all alkaline or all lithium? You could see if one works better than the other. Regardless, 1 week is very quick for batteries to drain, you may want to call through to the Telstra TV tech support team who you can reach on 132200 and say 'Telstra TV' and 'faults' when prompted, or you might want to book in for a Tech Bar appointment a Telstra Store.


Alternatively, you could consider using the Telstra TV App on your phone as the remote instead, and you wouldn't have to keep buying batteries for the physical remotes.


Please let me know if this helps.



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