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Telstra TV advantages ??



I keep seeing advertisements for Telstra TV and am thinking of signing up.


Not sure that I see the advantages though.


I have a smart TV where I can already access Presto, Netflix, 7plus, Youtube etc and rent bigpond movies.


The ones I can't access like Stan, 10play and iview don't seem to be availible on Telstra TV.


Is Telstra TV only for people who don't already have a smart TV??



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Re: Telstra TV advantages ??

Yes. I can't think of a good reason to buy a Telstra TV box if you have a smart TV.

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Re: Telstra TV advantages ??

It's for people who want a simple all in one solution.

I have a smart tv but its very slow with the smart features, separate devices such as the TelstraTV can be faster and should be updated more often with new content than you TV
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Re: Telstra TV advantages ??

Thanks for the clarification.

My smart TV doesn't have any issues with streaming and speed and I don't seem to have any issues chromecasting from ipad to my other TV so I'm guessing I don't need Telstra TV.


Thanks again

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