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Telstra TV closed captions

We watch all our TV through a Telstra TV box connected to our Television but recently I have we are getting subtitles (CC - closed captions) appearing on several TV channels (ABC, SBS, etc.) while watching them. I have asked the so called professionals from ABC and SBS as to how to turn them off while watching programs but none of their suggestions work (eg pressing the TT control asterisk button to try and bring up the CC menu) In desperation I have tried to close all CC through the Telstra TV menu which works for the program/s being watched that day but when we turn the same programs on later or the next day those remote instructions have been forgotten or overwritten or not remembered by Telstra TV and CC's re-appear - very annoying!

Anyone with suggestions are gratefully received!!!

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Re: Telstra TV closed captions

Same problem. I turn closed captions off go back to my live TV and within a few minutes it automatically turns back on. I go back into the closed caption settings and it has switched to always on again. Extremely frustrating

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