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Telstra TV - Customers Perspectives

With the demise of our favourite Telstra product, the Tbox, I thought I would start a thread on what customers think of their alternative, the TelstraTV.

My own thoughts is it seriously lacks the abilities of the Tbox, so I as there is more CONS than PROS I will list them first.



1) No mute (Requires you to use another remote to do this)

2) No volume control ( Requires you to use another remote to do this)

3) No number keypad (Very annoying when wanting to change tv channels as you have to either cursor down/up, find the channel, select OK. Or go into guide, cursor down/up, find the channel, select OK.

4) No TV recording ability

5) No T-Shift

6) Very limited media playback codecs (No *.avi file support for starters).

7) EPG limited (See below, inc Foxtel)

😎 No ability to deselect channels from appearing (As also in the Foxtel app.. arrghh!!)

9) No optical out

10) Too light to use as a door stop.



1) 4K Support

2) Netflix (Dedicated menu button)

3) Foxtel (Dedicated menu button)

4) Catchup apps.

5) Allows the leveling of a wonky table by placing it under a leg.


So what do I want to see?


By all means, keep the TelstraTV for those that want a simple, no frills, limited accessory.


Or, create a new product like the old Tbox but a Pro version. 



1) All catchup apps and relevant apps, like Plex, Chrome etc.

2) Keep updated via firmware updates to keep it relevant.

3) If you recall the Tbox remote, allow customers to assign apps to the coloured buttons, such as Netflix, Stan, Youtube, etc.

4) Double sided remote, other side like the android media players that has a keyboard so easier to type things into a browser. 

5) 4K support


My absolute favoutire thing of the Tbox was its EPG. The ability to right/left cursor on the remote to bring up these large icons (For want of a better word) that showed easily what was on, and how long was left, and a simple OK to select. And when you had Foxtel, you could even show those and select them, without needed to run another seperate app.

Or, cursor up/down for a cut-down EPG version.


So how much would I expect to pay for this new TBox Pro? Well Fletch has one out with really good specs called the Fletch Mighty (But still lacks thing we had on the Tbox) for $399 so I would think that would be reasonable for a Tbox Pro.


Keep in mind, the Tbox was (Apart from a reliable broadband) was the ONLY thing keeping me at Bigpond. I needed it for my Tbox EPG. Now, I have no reason to stay. And I'm now 99% sure I will move on when my contract ends for another major ISP, but a cheaper monthly spend.


So what do others think? Would you buy a more up-to-date Tbox?

My body's absorbed so much hand sanitizer that when I pee, it cleans the toilet. 🙂

Footnote: I dont work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra TV - Customers Perspectives

My TBoxes died years ago and I never missed them. Got 2 Telstra TVs (original version) and 90% of the time when the TV is on, they are in use. The remotes are rubbish, but we use the app on our phones to control them.
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