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Telstra TV does'nt have an off switch

I turn of the TV when I'm finished watching the Telsra TV only to have it switch back on again after I leave the room. The Telstra TV remains on for too long. Why doesn't it have an off switch? How do i resolve without having to unplug the Telstra TV?

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Re: Telstra TV does'nt have an off switch

Hi @ediStediSpgedi


The Telstra TV is designed to stay on and uses very little power when idle.


Apologies there are no other ways around this besides unplugging the device.


- Jimmy

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra TV does'nt have an off switch

Are you taking the Telstra TV back to it's home screen before turning of the Television?

The other option is to turn the Television on to a different channel before turning it off. If the HDMI that the Telstra TV is connected to isn't selected as the input option, then it shouldn't wake the Television.
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Re: Telstra TV does'nt have an off switch

Turn it off at the wall.


It takes roughly 60secs to boot back up when you turn it on.

Nice try Telstra.


'Very little power' is STILL power I'm not willing to spend money on for nothing.


Nor am I leaving any device relating to internet connection live and unattended while I'm not watching... it's not the 2000's, we're all a little wiser than that now.


Sorry if I sound like I don't trust you Telstra, it's just that, well... you DID supply a small computer with no off switch.


That's not creepy at all, is it?

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