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Telstra TV in AirBNB - use by guests

Hi all


I have a Telstra TV, though I really never use it, I plugged it in and basically have ignored it after that.  I set it up initially but didnt activate any of the free offers available to me (presto 3 months etc).


I'm going away for a long trip and will be renting out my home to short term travellers.


My TV reception is quite bad, so I would like to leave the Telstra TV plugged in so that they can watch 'catch up TV apps' in case they can't get live TV reception.  I am leaving my internet connection active.


I am wondering - will the guests staying in my home be able to 'buy' products and services via Telstra TV?  I entered my own Telstra credentials when registering the device - so it's 'tuned' to me as such - does this mean that if they buy a movie via BigPond movies I will be charged?


Will they  be able to log into their own netflix account if they have one?


Is there some way I can restrict purchases so that they can get use out of the Telstra TV, but not run up a huge bill for me?


As you can probably tell, I dont know much about Telstra TV and streaming apps - can someone tell me if there are any other things that I need to watch out for leaving my Telstra TV in a short term rental situation?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Telstra TV in AirBNB - use by guests

If you have no accounts logged in they can log in with their netflix/presto/stan account yes.

With BigPond Movies, the simple fix I would suggest is putting a PIN on it on all purchases, you can set it up so that it needs the PIN for everything meaning if they don't have the PIN they can't use the movies and build up your bill on you.
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