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Telstra TV issues and promo codes

Ok I am having issues when activating Telstra TV, when i use activation code at www.telstra.com linktv it activates my telstra tv, but then on the site is says it failed and i have factory reset telstra tv box 3 times now and each time same issue. I activated the telstra tv first time on thursday morning 1 am and have been waiting for a promo code email which never came. i have spent 6hrs now on the phone to i think every single telstra department and have come to 100% dead ends each time or get told i have to sms Stan to 0498500900 which i did and it didnt work or Movies to 0484100700 which also didnt work etc and same for presto. customer service couldn't help me with netflix which is what i was told i was getting with my bundle but everything i try fails .... The telstra tv is working on my tv but what is the point i have no promo codes to use any of these apps which is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. Im still on hold to sales after 6 hrs on the phone and slowly going up the queue on 24x7 chat this is seriously unacceptable 6 hrs for some promo codes this has to be made more user friendly and customer service needs to be re-trained to be able to fix these issues without transfering me around and around ...........

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Re: Telstra TV issues and promo codes


ok after spending 7 hrs on the phone and 90 mins on 24x7 chat i have seemed to fix my issues. not sure if telstra had fixed something on there side. but this is what i did. after waiting 12 hrs since i spoke to tech on 24x7 chat i decided to do another factory reset.

Step 1 . logout of telstra acc on all devices ie computer. this may be an important step

Step 2 . factory reset telstra tv unit and do all reactivations again

Step 3 . go to www.telstra.com/linktv enter activation code

step 4 . hopefully step 1-3 worked then u will need to redeem all codes for stan presto and netflix though your computer or device not on ur telstra tv (as it didnt seem to work trying to activate promo codes via telstra tv)


side note i had tried these steps multiple times yesterday minus step 1 and had no luck so either they have fixed and issue on there www.telstra.com linktv site or u must be logged out of ur telstra id before going to that site. i truely hope this can help others experiencing this issue

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