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Telstra TV NBA App - new version - where is the Standings?

OK so we've had the new Telstra TV NBA League Pass app for a while now and the new NBA season has started...


I still can't see the East/West Coast standings/rankings like very other NBA app has and the old one had...


Unless I've missed something obvious I believe it is missing,  am I correct?


Who actually is responsible(or takes feedback) for the NBA League Pass App on the Telstra TV, perhaps I can send them a prompt to add the Standings back into the App.


I will say though, that the new App is working far better than the old one, I don't get any of the sign-in problems the old one had but navigation in the new one is a bit odd.


BTW - I hear the new 4K Telstra TV is coming soon, do any apps (i.e. NBA App) actually support/give higher res streams?





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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra TV NBA App - new version - where is the Standings?

MrSHovel - The apps are developed by the provider of that service, so we don't have any direct control over the content in them. I took a quick look at the app on our device here and in Settings it has an email address that you can send this query to.


Hope this helps


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