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Telstra TV not picking up WiFi

Ticket number 01218521. Have spent over two hours on the phone with Telstra today.

There only solution was to post problem here.

In the last 24 hours our Telstra TV has stopped connecting to WiFi. Everything has been reset, channels changed, ethernet cable works, other devices can still connect to WiFi.

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Re: Telstra TV not picking up WiFi

Hi @Plumtree1 


Another possible solution...


Go into your Telstra TV settings and remove the current WiFi connection.


Then go into your modem settings then WiFi and 'untick" "Band Steering". This will create separate SSIDS for the 2 and 5 GHz bands. Save and Reboot the modem.




When its back up, go back into your Telstra TV settings and try the 5GHz band.


You've tried different channels, but have you also set the Channel Width to "Auto 20/40 MHz" (I'm not sure if it defaults to that now?)

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