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My Telstra TV remote stopped working efficiently so I went into the local 'Telstra' store which basically is like a door to door salesperson with a store front as they only push a product to sell and have display models.  They don't have stock of basic items; and lets be honest here the Telstra TV Remote is a small basic item that any Telstra store could keep in stock for just the service it would offer to their customers. But no, Telstra stores are not geared up to offer 'service' to their customers, they just get the sales then you are pushed to the side and told to use online support.


Telstra online support is a joke, computers programed with generic question/answer prompts is not 'service'.


I ordered the remote after ringing Telstra 13 number and told it could take a couple of weeks.  I was not offered a reference number or emailed anything to acknowledge the order and at the time I didn't think that far ahead.  Two months later and now I can't even talk to anyone about this order because Covid-19 as effectively halted the small amount of 'customer service' that Telstra did offer in it's tracks.  


Telstra effectively do not have a clue on how to set up their service/support centre online in these trying times; although I am able to school my child, consult my GP or specialist, attend online physio/Occupation Therapy/Speech and other allied health services via online methods, order and have medications/food delivered to my door online and talk to people on all the above to sort out issues.


Shame on Telstra, the online company that sprouts about connecting people, that can't connect with their clients.



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