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Telstra tv remote

I don't have a telstra tv remote and recently got a new nbn modem, i used the roku app on my phone to control it and now i can't use it because they have to be on the same wifi connection. How do i reconnect back to it. I tried ringing telstra but they hung on up me :/

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Level 20: Director

Re: Telstra tv remote

Hi - Set your phone to pair to the 2.4Ghz SSID. If your modem is not broadcasting separate SSIDs, lif on a Gen 2 modem, log into modem via web browser and go to the 2.4 Ghz page, Disable Bandsteering and SAVE.

You can redeem a new Telstra TV remote from Telstra Plus for 7000 points from memory. worth looking at if you are not aware. Every $1 you spend with Telstra accrues 10 points and you can use rewards and cash payment.

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