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Telstra TV roku - Livetv on Roku Guide causes crash

Hi,  When using PLEX on the Telstra TV everything works fine until you select Live TV guide.  At this point it hangs for 5 to 10 seconds and reboots. Sometimes it just hangs and you have no choice but to power cycle.


I've noticed other people reporting this in other Plex forums but Plex is advising to post on this forum as it seems to be the Telstra TV Roku boxes only that are effected.

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Re: Telstra TV roku - Livetv on Roku Guide causes crash

Hey @matuszan,

Thanks for reaching out. Have you spoken with our Telstra TV technical support team about this? If so, what have they advised?

If you haven't spoken with them, I would recommend contacting us on 13 22 00 and saying 'Telstra TV' at the automated prompt.


This will direct you through to appropriate team who can have this raised and escalated for you.


Once again, I apologise for any inconvenience.



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