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Telstra TV via Projector

My Telstra TV has been working no problems via HDMI 2 Receiver 2 Projector since installed 6months ago, then 3 days ago it stopped

What happens

Turn power on Telstra TV,

Telstra TV logo appears,

it then goes to black,

then to just a blue screen,

Navigation sounds are heard, just blue screen


Have successfully tested

PS4 2 receiver 2 projector

PC 2 receiver 2 projector

Telstra TV unit to receiver 2 monitor

Telstra TV unit to receiver 2 TV


Have tested and failed with:

Tying different receiver inputs to projector

Telstra TV direct to projector

Another Telstra TV unit

Changing projector resolution

Tried shorter and different HDMI cables

All without success


Have spoken to JVC tech support, The thinking is Telstra may have updated firmware on Telstra TV.


Has any had similar experience, found a solution, discover reason?




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