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Recently I started a new bundle deal with Telstra. Within the bundle I receieved a Telstra TV device. Since I have received Telstra TV I have been able to successfully activate it however the device will not connect to the wifi. I have read and tried the suggestions reccommened on support pages, I have checked cords, turned on and off device, placed the device in different TVs aorund the house, however the 'connection dropped' alert always appears on the screen. My modem is located in the centre of the house, we have an open planed home so there are really no walls that are interrring with the wifi connection, all other devices in the house work perfectly, when I have checked wifi connect strenght it always says strong. Is there a possibility I have a faulty Telstra TV device? I am at a lost as to why only why no matter where in the house the Telstra TV is the only device that is unable to pick up the wifi signal. 



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Re: Telstra TV

Hey @emwilliams06,


not good to hear.


What Gateway/Modem do you have?  It is ODD that your Telstra TV isn't keeping a connection.


Does it connect successfully, and then after a period drop?


It might be a bad box, but  did it connect, and update the firmware?  If it didn't can you connect it via the Ethernet cable, get it to update the firmware (Settings, System, Software update) and see if that fixes it?


A System Reset or Restart might help too.



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