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I currently have broadband and am using a Telstra TV.

We will be leasing for one year a place that has no phone line (to put broadband on) AND also no TV aerial.

Could someone guide me as to whether we can still use Telstra TV via 4G  off our phones? Would that be ridiculous and be really expensive, and have awful speeds? 

What alternates would there be? Would the nighthawk product be beneficial?


Thanks in advance.

I'm very confused!

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Re: Telstra TV

It will be expensive as stream Video will consume  about 0.7GB (STD),  3.5 GB (FHD) and 7 GB (UHD 4K). The speed will depend on Mobile Signal. Round the city I have no problem streaming FHD video. My Brother uses his phone as a hotspot for his TV and does not have a fixed broadband service.


To use the phone you just need to enable WiFi hotspot and then connect TV to the phones WiFi. SSID


Using a Nighthawk 4G modem on a mobile data plan might make it a bit cheaper.

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