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Telstra TV1 and foxtel now. Can't stream HD all of a sudden


I have been a TTV1 user for the last 18months and a foxtel now subscriber the entire time. Really enjoyed both.

As of around last Wed 9th May foxtel now via the TTV1 won't stream in HD either from live tv or on demand. There is a load of really annoying buffering events then it eventually settles to SD. Netflix and YouTube on the same device stream in HD no problem. Foxtel now on the chromecast using the same network connection streams in HD no problem (but of course there is no 5.1sound via the chromecast)

Something has changed on the Foxtel or Telstra side specific to the TTV1. I have disconnected and reconnected power to the TTV1 multiple times and restarted the modem and router multiple times. I have 8.2 mbps of connection at the router admin page, just over 7mbps via speed test.net. I use the getflix smart dns (ie not Telstra's) but have been using that for the entire time with foxtel now and had no issues.Foxtel now HD streaming has never been a problem on this device before. Whilst I don't have a lot of bandwidth it's "enough". There is nobody else in my household. I take care to ensure other devices aren't consuming bandwidth. I refuse to believe my bandwidth or alternative dns are at fault.

Are you trying to "encourage" people to upgrade their TTV1 devices to the TTV2 or the new foxtel now streaming device with this change of performance? If so that is exceptionally unfair. I note that I've downloaded all updates to the TTV1. Last update date is December 7th on the device. Your comment please?



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Re: Telstra TV1 and foxtel now. Can't stream HD all of a sudden

OK, so after changing to the telstra dns servers on my router the issue appears to have been addressed. I really don't care about unmetered data on foxtel now as I'm on unlimited data with telstra anyway. Why have they made this a dependency now? Super frustrating!!!
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra TV1 and foxtel now. Can't stream HD all of a sudden

Hi Stevetk421,


Thanks for reaching out, we apologise for the troubles you have experienced with your Foxtel Now and Telstra TV.


For further support with Foxtel Now, you can contact Foxtel Support on 131999.

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