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TelstraTV 4200TL Roku 8.1.6 build 4153-21

Hi all,

I've been using my Telstra TV 4200TL Roku for approx 3 years - without a hitch.

Ever since I moved house - June 2018 (12 months ago) and my service has been 'upgraded/down' to NBN, nothing but trouble.

Mainlly, the Roku continues to disconnect from the internet.

No other device in my household disconnects, only the Roku. Each night when I get home from work, almost without fail, I have to 'System Restart' the Roku, to get the internet connection back up and connected to watch any TelstraTV.

It is pointless just attempting to reconnect the WiFi - or reset the network settings, as it simply will not reconnect the Roku to my Router.

In the past weeks, I have reset the Roku via hardware, and removed all power sources from Roku. I have reset my WiFi, and had to reconnect all other household devices by doing so.

Tonigth was a bit of a 'last straw'... after three Roku system restarts, a power down/unplug and a restart of my router, the Roku finally let me connect.

I have followed all instructions I can find, to try and troubleshoot, and I'm almost at a point of just buying a new one - given nothing seems to last more than about 1-2 years these days anyway.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be most greatful.





PS. Telstra BoxOffice - Hurry up and get CC/Subtitles on your getting more expensive movies. Us mob who are hard or hearing can't watch them without subtitles. Go figure, hey! Or is it only the normal hearing people who get to have all the fun!!??

My comma doesn't work.....;;;;

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: TelstraTV 4200TL Roku 8.1.6 build 4153-21

If you have a Technicolor modem you could try turning of Band steering in the 2.4 GHz WiFi Band settings.

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