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TV3 remote control volume and mute control problem

I changed TV sets and now the vol/mute buttons on the remote don't work (all other remote functions do work). I tried the enhanced remote set-up and it said it was IN USE and I run the sound test etc. and it said all good, but nope.


I contacted Telstra and was advised to UNPLUG UNIT 2 MINS/SWAP ENDS OF HDMI/REMOVE BATTERIES/PLUG BACK IN/REPLACE BATTERIES and after that the volume/mute buttons did work and I thought it had paired up correctly, however the next time I turned it on they were not working again.


I did the unplug/remove batteries and it worked again, but obviously I'm not going to do that every time, so I have to use the set remote as well as the TV3 one, like some kind of savage.


Anyone have a perma-fix for this?



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