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Where is Chromecast in New App??

I’ve been buying tv from Box Office and streaming from my iOS tablet or phone for about six months from the Box office App. It was a great system when I wanted something that wasn’t available anywhere else without signing up to one of those 30 years outdated concept pay tv things where you pay 10x the price to watch tv that you can’t binge.


Now I can’t open the old Box Office app, it forced me to download a new app for Telstra TV. It has my library. But I can’t watch any of it because the only streaming option is to Telstra Tv. I do not have Telstra TV and I definitely don’t plan to.


Having just shelled out $100 to buy some stuff to watch while sick I’m extremely annoyed.


Does anyone know how to pair my chromecast with the non functional new app?


Or alternatively how to get a refund?

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Re: Where is Chromecast in New App??

I take it you were ignored? Any answer to this one?

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Re: Where is Chromecast in New App??

Yes I'd like an answer to the same question thanks.  Very annoying not being able to use my tablet to stream to Chromecast.  My tv isn't a smart TV 




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