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Why can't I view my purchase on Bigpond Movies?

I purchased The Walking Dead Series 7 yesterday for $44.99 SD. It is showing on my bill but I can't watch it. I had to then purchase the first episode on it's own at $3.49 HD so I could watch it, which it allowed me to do. 

It says "download asset" at the top of the screen of all the other episodes instead of "ready to watch". 

Why is this? It seems that if I'd purchased them all individually I could watch them, which I am willing to do but don't know if I could get a refund for my original $44.99.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Why can't I view my purchase on Bigpond Movies?

Hi Rackay,

That definitely isn't what should be happening. If you haven't already spoken with them, our BigPond Movies support team can follow up what has happened for you and make sure you are only charged once for the season if you speak with them on 1800502502

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