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Poor service...

I bought a new S7 as an upgrade to my S4 about 2 months ago expecting the same level of customer service I received from a wonderful staff member called Daisy when I bought the S4.  What a disappointment it has turned out to be.  I rang the store a number of occasions after purchase as they hadn't given me details of the Fit Bit redemption.  No one ever could answer the phone and my messages for someone to call back where ignored.  I finally went into the store and was told that the 'sticker was on the box' - which it was not.  I was given a website then had to go back in after checking the redemption site as I needed proof of purchase which was subsequently emailed.  So far, 4 phone calls, 2 visits back.  Now I finally get 30 mins so set the new phone up and my sim card (also from Telstra, from my S4 purchased from Telstra, on my Telstra account for mobile and home connection) doesn't even fit the new phone!!  Was that not part of the sales service to upgrade the SIM to one that would actually fit the phone???  Not to mention the new S7 is fully charged and demanding a password that I have never set.  Seriously Telstra, get your act together.  I won't be buying a phone from you again and will be looking to transfer my Telstra services of  home internet, home phone and 2 mobiles to another service provider.

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Re: Poor service...

Not that it changed the situation that they have created however that store appears to be run by a licenced partner rather than by Telstra themselves, so your best bet might to lodge an offical complain on the sitaution so that the store lincencee can be provided appropriate support and or retraining by the retail support team. complaints team details.


Typically a decent agent regardless of if it was store or phone would actually check if you wanted a new SIM card for the new devide by default. sound like a store with a poor service level and attitude. Looking at the stores around that area it looks like Castle Hill store (shop 241 in the Castle Towers centre) is a Telstra run store, they typically are a bit better and may be able to help sort out anything else you still needed to get sorted. 

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