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Telstra Products & Services Team

Business Continuity on TIPT

Did you know that TIPT has some excellent built in business continuity features?


At the user level a user can be configured with call forward unreachable. In the event that their handset becomes unregistered from the platform, calls can be sent to an alternate location, another site or mobile.

To configure please see the incoming calls section and configure the number to send calls to in the call forward unreachable section.

Note: Ensure your no answer greeting in messaging is set to greater than 3 rings 


Call forward unreachable can also be configured for hunt groups. If all the users in the hunt group become unregistered then calls can be sent to an alternate number / site or user. Great for pre-configuring disaster recovery call routing as it will automatically kick in if the site becomes unavailable due to power issues / fire / flood etc.

To configure please see the profile menu of the hunt group and the  Not Reachable settings.


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