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How to do a "Conference Transfer" on TIPT

One of my users is looking for steps on how to do a (for the life of me i cant find agreed terminology on this) "Conference Transfer", or "3 Way transfer"

1. A calls B

2. B decides to Transfer the call to C, B presses (Conf Trans button for example) and dials C, at this point Party A is still on the call and hasnt been put on hold.

3. C Answers, B announces A, maybe All 3 discuss what needs to be discussed than B hangs up and lets A and C continue.

IT it's all about the people.

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Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

Re: How to do a "Conference Transfer" on TIPT

You can conference - or transfer - not both - if the orgininator of the conference drops out , the call will drop.