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Telstra Products & Services Team

TIPT Directory now available on Polycom Handsets

Firmware release 5.8.1k has been released onto the platform and will be deployed for with any new site. This now enables TIPT contacts directory searchable from the handset.


When enabled will show 2 directory options within the phones directory

TIPT enterprise Directory– shows all TIPT users

TIPT enterprise common Directory– a directory that allows you to upload other contacts into the platform that can then be searched by users


Existing customers need to upgrade their firmware to 5.8.1k as per this post https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/TIPT-Office-Phones/Upgrade-Site-Polycom-Handset-Firmware/m-p/...


Polycom VVX range only.


TAGs also need to be added to the device type at group level to enable directory search on the handsets. See attached guide for details.



XSP_ADDRESS  value = https://xsi-actions.tipt.telstra.com



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