Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

TIPT Remote working Webinar


Telstra is running two webinars - first one tomorrow covering off working remotely. If you have not received an invite - send me a private message through crowd support with your name / email and company name and I will get an invite to you.


First sesion tomorrow Friday, 3 April 12-1pm


Second session Tuesday, 21 April 1-2pm


What the session will cover


  • How Liberate can enable remote workers and provide a more efficient way of delivering calls to mobiles and protecting your corporate identity


  • Detail on how Telstra's TIPT cloud call centre can be activated quickly to provide remote call centre solutions, delivering calls to mobiles / softphones and even home phones


  • How to deploy Business Connect to enable your users to work remotely and how to use reception and call centre clients remotely


  • A view of business continuity on SIP Connect - simple cloud based control of individual numbers


  • How to access simple conferencing with Telstra's virtual meeting room.

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