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TIPT UC Self Serve Portal - Now Live

TIPT UC Self Service Portal Now Live

Add new TIPT users and packs in near real time for immediate use.


What can you do?

  • Add new TIPT users & Devices to an existing site
  • Add new TIPT service packs to an existing site
  • Configure Business Connect
  • Use the Liberate portal to add Liberate to users.


Credentials are sent to you within minutes of them being requested allowing users to be up and running on Business Connect almost immediately while you wait for a handset.

To gain access please contact your account team.

TIPT UC Self Serve Portal - https://ucp.tipt.telstra.com


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Re: TIPT UC Self Serve Portal - Now Live

Thanks Brad.

Does this use the same TIPT / UC-ONE login details, or do you have to request another account to manage via this portal?


Does this portal also allow to CANCEL TIPT user packs, or only provision new ones?


Is there also a away yet to access the TIPT management portal via the Internet? (i.e not via internal network?) (http://ews-stld.tipt.telstra.com/Login/)




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Re: TIPT UC Self Serve Portal - Now Live

Do you know what the expected delivery is of getting access to this new portal?

I contacted TIPT Provisioning a week ago to ask for access but have no response what so ever.

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Re: TIPT UC Self Serve Portal - Now Live

Marty, Thanks for this. I have responded to you directly in email. 

1. Yes you have to request a new log in. 

2. The portal does not cater for cancellations

3. Yes both the Customer Administration and Call Centre Clients are now internet facing. You need to request the internet facing administration log ins via your client exec. The Call Centre clients should work with current log ins.