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TOTI - Polycom Group Series Tags


A few months ago i setup and had working our Polycom Group Series 310 working over any internet link using the 'TIPT_STATE' tag of 'eims-asd-003and004-n.business.connect.telstra.com'.
This has recently stopped working, is the above address still active or has it been changed?

Any assistance is appreciated.


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Re: TOTI - Polycom Group Series Tags

I'd recommend calling the TIPT team
For Official Support Chat Now, try the Online Troubleshooter, check for Outages or Raise a Complaint.

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Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

Re: TOTI - Polycom Group Series Tags

Hi Tech01,

GS isn't supported for TOTI. I don't know where you got the SBC domain from, if it was someone providing you a 'dodgy' you should go back to them.


Assurance\Support cannot assist.




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Re: TOTI - Polycom Group Series Tags

Hi NateB,

I was given this address on one of my posts earlier this year by a Telstra Products & Service Team member.

Original thread - https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/TIPT-Office-Phones/TOTI-Custom-Tags/m-p/801983#M679

It had been working up until a few weeks ago, i originally thought it was the remote site link but yesterday i tested a new GS unit on a link i know it was working on and that is when i discovered the address is the issue.