Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

Using TAGs to add features to Polycom handsets and control features on UC-One

Utilise the docuement below to add features like speed dials etc to Polycom handsets and also add remove features from the UC-One client.


TAGs can be used to add features to handsets like


  • Pickup buttons for pickup groups
  • Hotlines
  • Multiline appearance for easy management of calls
  • Call centre login / out
  • Codec Choice
  • Hotelling guest in button
  • LDAP directory search on handset


TAGs can be used to add and control features within UC-One


  • Turn off chat , calling both video and audio, file transfer etc
  • Add Call centre login / out
  • Enable Skype integration ( can also be done via the UC-One portal -



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