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  • Wanglese received a +1 Kudo!
  • Re: Galaxy S7 edge camera failure unless smart stay turned off. Hey @whyharri  Yeah, there's a few bugs in the Sammy firmware, LOL. Here's hoping Telstra treat this as a pri …
    0 Kudos 112 Views
  • Re: T Box Hey @llewxam, If you can record from other channels,and receive Channel 9 on the T-Box, then you should be able to reco …
    1 Kudos 72 Views
  • Re: New TG797n V3 advanced settings Hey @RobinsSea, LOL,  I had better keep my head down.  My Modem is still on the earlier firmware,
    0 Kudos 155 Views
  • Re: Telstra Air + tv Hey @Larab, I'm not sure a Smart TV can actually connect to Telstra Air. How is it that you can only connect to Te …
    0 Kudos 131 Views
  • Re: New TG797n V3 advanced settings Hey @RobinsSea, Not sure what you are getting at here. If you select "Configure" on that screen, then you can edit each …
    0 Kudos 179 Views
  • Re: T-Hub and voicemail Hey @KGT24, If your contacts are synched,  you should be able to keep them, and they should download to the T-Hub. …
    0 Kudos 43 Views
  • Re: Telstra TV Hey @Johno8225Yes indeed. Remember that if you subscribe to Presto, Netflix or Stan, they are counted as additional dev …
    0 Kudos 52 Views
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