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Bigpond is rejecting mail sent to bigpond users

SInce 1 August mail sent from my website to bigpond recipients has been rejected  with the message:


delivery temporarily suspended: host[] refused to talk to me: 554 Connection
    refused. IB110


The website is not blacklisted with Spamhause or any other SPAM service that I can check. From looking at the boards here I can see that others are in the same problem,


What's going on?



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Bigpond is rejecting mail sent to bigpond users

Have you checked the IP address of your mail server to make sure that it isn't blacklisted (not just the domain name).


An IB110 error means that the IP address of the originating mail has sent too many messages containing content regarded as spam and has been blocked for 1 hour.


It may not actually be your email account doing the sending. If your email server is on a shared IP address (like most hosted systems), then someone else using the same provider may be causing the problem.


Your best bet would be to contact your provider and get them to check their traffic logs to see if they can figure out who is the culprit.

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Re: Bigpond is rejecting mail sent to bigpond users

Thanks Jupiter


I've inherited responsibility for this website which was set up by a previous club member. It's apparently hosted by Dreamhost  but I don't have direct access to their management console and their "support" services seem to be set up solely for account holders. I also haven't any luck contacting the person who originally set the website up.


I don't have any previous experience managing a website but have managed to pick up enough to deal with the periodic problems for a couple of years now. This one has me beat though.


As you have suggested there are a couple of other sites using the same IP address and there have been a couple of occasions when the IP has was previously blacklisted. On these occasions I was able to have the listing removed. I have since subscribed to a Blacklist monitoring service and they are showing that the IP has had a clean bill of health for the past 9 months.


At the moment, other mail services that have previously flagged us as a problem are happily forwarding all our mail. The only mail service that is refusing our mail is Bigpond. Mail isn't being blocked for just an hour. It appears that everything is being permanently rejected regardless of the time of day or the number of mails being sent.

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